SoL Global Coaching Community

Society for Organizational Learning, SoLSystems Perspectives, LLC is an advocate for the growth and wellbeing of The SoL Global Coaching Community (SoL GCC), a membership community of coaches from around the world whose activities reflect the Purposes and Principles of the Society for Organizational Learning.

The SoL GCC is one of SoL’s latest recognized SoL communities and the first recognized community based on interest, not on location. The community began some years ago as a community of practice among the consultant and research members of SoL. In Spring 2011, the group changed its organization to widen its scope to a global/international scale. It made sense to go beyond consultant and research members of SoL to include coaches from other SoL national entities and to bring new faces into SoL.

The SoL GCC has historically held conventional meetings focused on increasing its members’ capacity as coaches and connecting within the community. As they expand their scope of membership, the group is shifting towards virtual connections. The community sometimes hosts small group calls in which members use a Structured Case Review Process to build their capacity as coaches and to get to know each other. The community is interested in supporting collaboration for larger corporate coaching opportunities.

The SoL GCC admits members by application. They seek members who are active coaches with at least three years experience as an executive coach (or equivalent), and who want to be active in a coaching community which reflects SoL’s Purposes and Principles. Membership dues during this organizing period for the SoL GCC are being underwritten by the founding members. To apply for membership in the SoL GCC, please send an email to GCC contact Wayne Scott requesting an application.